80 to 100 mesh home flour mill for our healthy life

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Nowadays, more and more people prefer to make food in their home. Take wheat flour food for example, usually we buy it from the shop. However, even wheat flour is sold in the supermarket, we still don’t believe their quality completely. Days ago, I went back to my hometown, and I saw many farmers use a home flour mill. I also list the specification of it:
Capacity: 30-40 kg of raw materials
Flour fineness: 80-100 mesh
Screen configuration: 80-100 mesh
Motive power: 1.5kw 220V
Weight: 80 kg
Dimensions: 720x500x650mm
It is very suitable for home use.

Yes, this kind of home flour mill has been popular in the village.
When customers buy it, we pack it in ply wooden case:

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