How to operate a wheat flour milling machine?

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When I send customers a wheat flour milling machine, they always ask me how to operate it.

Yes, I send the detailed user manual along with our wheat flour milling machine, sometimes, there is a video CD. But I don't know why people still cannot operate them easily.

Maybe there is different idea about this kind of machine.

See the photo of our wheat flour milling machine below:

It has two parts, the up part, it peels wheat skin.

And the down part, it mills wheat into flour.

By using different screen size, you can make different fine flour.

This one doesn't with an electric motor.

If customers request an electric control box to this wheat flour milling machine, it is also ok.


Yes, we offer detailed user manual and operation video.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more information about this wheat flour milling machine,


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