Why more and more people like home use wheat flour mill machine with capacity 30-40kg/h

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Home use wheat flour mill machine is a new model flour milling machine.Since the machine is sold on the market,it become a very hot produt.Why, beucase it is different from the traditional flour mill machine, the machine is with  screen and with bran removing device.the user could change diferent screens to produce different fineness whole wheat flour to satify with different demand.

In one hand,the machine is with a small capacity 30-40kg/h,stainless steel shell, with low price,small volume, So these conditions are ok for most people,the price is not high.Another hand, people could eat whole wheat flour without additive or brightener.

The small model wheat flour mill machine is also a multifunctional machine, it not only could mill wheat flour, but also could mill other grains in to flour:rice, maize,soybean,peas and so on.

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